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 Courses Offered
Courses Offered
Science & Humanities
Faculty Achivement


To contribute to the country through excellence technical education, with Research orientation and to develop Human Resources in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

i.To provide broad based education in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

ii. To keep the curriculum industry friendly.

iii. To undertake development activity and provide consultancy services in industrial, educational and society relevant areas in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

iv. To promote ethical and moral values among the students so as to make them emerge as responsible professionals.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs):

PEO I: To enhance the studentís capacity with strong foundation of Mathematics, Science and Engineering to become successful professionals in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

PEO II: To provide awareness on excellence, leadership and create an academic arena and intellectual capabilities for lifelong learning process.

PEO III: To meet the needs of society and industry, we increase the competence in students to identify, formulate and solve engineering problems with practical experience.

PEO IV: To produce the graduates having ethical, administrative acumen and ability to handle critical situations with high professional competence for employability in both public and private sectors.

PEO V:To mould the students with recent techniques of core subjects to design and interpret effectively using multidisciplinary concepts for Research and Development by participating in professional activities.
 Faculty Details
Sl No. Name Designation Qualification Photos
1 Dr. R. V. Amarnath (View Profile) Professor & HOD Ph.D Photo
2 Dr. V. Kama Raju  (View Profile) Professor Ph.D Photo
3 G. Prem kumar Reddy (View Profile) Associate Professor M.Tech Photo
4 S. Praveen Kumar M.Tech Photo
5 B. Satish (View Profile) M.Tech Photo
6 R. Kalyani (View Profile) M.Tech Photo
7 N. Saraswathi (View Profile) M.Tech Photo
8 T. Ravi Babu (View Profile) M.Tech Photo
9 G. Greeshma Reddy M.Tech Photo
10 S. Suresh (View Profile) M.E. Photo
11 P. Phanindra Asst.Prof M.Tech Photo
12 A. Mahesh Kumar M.E. Photo
13 G. Hathiram (View Profile) M.Tech Photo
14 K. Suresh (View Profile) M.Tech Photo
15 J. Jyothirmai (View Profile) M.Tech Photo
16 B. Divya M.Tech Photo
17 B. Srinivasulu (View Profile) Asst.Prof. M.Tech Photo
18 K. Ganapathi Asst.Prof. M.Tech Photo
19 V. Prabhavathi Asst.Prof. M.Tech Photo
20 R. Hussain Asst.Prof. M.Tech Photo
21 Ch. Sateesh kumar Asst.Prof. M.Tech Photo
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