Departments - Science & Humanities

The Department of Humanities nourishes the basic needs of all the disciplines of engineering, management and Master of Computer Application.

From Communication to Commitment, Sequences to Integrals, Polymers to Metallurgy, Bonding to Fiber optics and Renewable resources to Biodiversity, the Department is entrusted with the task of imparting knowledge of the basic principles on these topics to new and aspiring students. It carries the students on its firm and able shoulders across the stormy initial year in college education.
Faculty Details
S.No. Name Designation Qualification Photos
1 Dr. P. Prashanth Kumar (View profile) Professor & Hod M.Sc(Tech), Ph.D Photo
2 N.Sanjeev Goud Asst. Prof M.Sc Photo
3 P.V .Vinitha Asst. Prof M.A.,B.Ed.,Pgdj.,M.Phil., Photo
4 K.Nagalaxmi Asst. Prof,M.Sc(Physics) Photo