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 Courses Offered
Courses Offered
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Transferring and Securing Data
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The CSE department was established with B.Tech Program in 2001 with intake of 60 students and this was increased to 120 students in 2006-2007. The Post graduate Program M.Tech with C.S.E specialization was started in 2009 with intake of 18 Students. Department mission is to make innovative thinking engineers and to produce skilled software engineers. The department of Computer Science and Engineering has progressed with a strong determination to developing competent programs, uncompromising in standards. The department has full fledged faculty members with experience in industry and teaching, which leads the students to get employment in the market. The department encourages the faculty members and the students to participate paper presentations, seminars, workshops and National and International conferences. The department encourages the faculty members to undertake research activities. The department is equipped with state-of-art laboratories and the computers have sophisticated development software tools. The department provides training to its students in advanced technologies like .NET, FLEX, Data Warehousing, Data Mining tools and Data storage systems as a supplement to the curriculum to enhance the employability of students. The department conducted various workshops with collaboration of JKC, IBM, Infosys, (EMC)2. Our senior faculty members are the members of Computer Society of India, ISTE, IEEE.
   Faculty Details
Sl No. Name Designation Qualification Photos
1 J. Sambasiva Rao (View profile) Prof. & HoD M.E Photo
2 Dr. B. Sasidhar (View profile) Professor Ph.D Photo
3 Pabboju Ramesh (View profile) Assoc.Prof M.S Photo
4 B. Seva Naik Assoc.Prof M.Tech Photo
5 D. Ramana kumar Assoc.Prof M.Tech Photo
6 G. Usha Rani Assoc.Prof M.Tech Photo
7 M. Sreenivas Reddy Asst.Prof M.Tech Photo
8 M. Swapna Asst.Prof M.Tech Photo
9 A. Shiva Kumar Asst.Prof M.Tech Photo
10 D Srilatha Asst.Prof M.Tech Photo
11 K.Deepthi Reddy Asst.Prof M.Tech Photo
12 Rajini Parimala Asst.Prof M.Tech Photo
13 P. Vigneswari Asst.Prof M.Tech Photo
14 G. Sumalatha Asst.Prof M.E Photo
15 Ch. Anil Asst.Prof M.Tech Photo
16 K. Pravallika Asst.Prof M.Tech Photo
17 M. Vijaya Laxmi Asst.Prof B.Tech Photo
18 R. Sravani Asst.Prof B.Tech Photo
19 Giribabu Asst.Prof B.Tech Photo
20 C. Hema Kalikrishna Asst.Prof B.Tech Photo
21 R. Archana Asst.Prof B.Tech Photo
22 K. Pavani Reddy Asst.Prof B.Tech Photo
23 D. Anusha Reddy Asst.Prof B.Tech Photo
24 V. Thejaswini Reddy Asst.Prof B.Tech Photo
25 D. Sucharita Asst.Prof M.Tech Photo
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